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Show review 1/7/2012 Shamrocks, Chino Hills by Jeff Soto-Punk Motherfucker of Invention
Lets start off by saying that I love to be on ANY show that Bad Sam Presents puts on. It's a hubby/wifey combo booking agency and they put on top notch shows. The show was in the valley, yes that valley, and it was a looooong haul for my band but so worth it. I also confused Webers with Harpers and thought I was king shit until we pulled up in front of Harpers (DOH!) After Staceys GPS got us in the right direction we finally arrived. Parked in back and there were already quite a few people there. The first band ( The Dips ) had started and after walking around to the front (through the barbershop?) we got in and so it begins....
Lets start off by saying that the venue Shamrocks was very difficult to find. Everyone I spoke to said the same thing and in some way got lost. The show was set up by Deeva Sin and Batman and was moved from its original venue in Pomona. With that said, lets start the show.....
The place was cool enough with its own little room in back away from the regular folk. Set up and stage was fair and the sound guy was good as well. They had a load in from behind with a ramp that made load in nice and easy. As a musician this is important to me and my band. Wasnt much of a crowd there for the first 2 bands as it was a bar and people rolled in later.


Show review Friday March 2nd 2012 Webers in Reseda
by Jeff Soto-Punk Motherfucker of Invention
Youth Brigade, Killroy, It's Casual, Soto St, The Dips
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