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Vicious Cycle started the night off. They started playing and to be honest, it made me cringe a bit. Dont know if it was nerves or what but after a couple songs we went over and started playing pool. While cracking some pool balls, I noticed more people came in and Vicious Cycle started playing better. I was sure that I was going to write my first neg review about them but I warmed up to them. By the last part of the set I was actually liking them a lot. Overall good set from Vicious Cycle and wouldnt mind seeing them again.
Next up were Undercover Monsters! Let me start off by saying that I am a fan of David. He was the singer of the band The Retcons, plays with Greenlands own The Maxies, and now Undercover Monsters with his wife Emily. I walk over to get a better view and The David is clad in a flowing, floral print, summer dress. To my left is a really odd Charles Manson meets Poopdeck Pappy looking old man that tells me that David is "a motherfucking mother of invention that refused to take his dress off". I engage and the motherfuckers start flying. Every other word with this guy (who smells like creamed corn for some odd reason) is mother fucker. Thankfully David starts the show telling everyone that they are indeed Minor Threat and busts into the first song. Didnt think that U.M. was going to be better then the Retcons, but in my eyes they were. Total intensity and a barrage of catchy, kick you in the junk, pop punk dittys! They had the crowd in their hands with solid songs delivered by some people who can actually play their instruments. Emily is solid on the bass/vox as is Ty on guitar/vox and quite an abusive drumming display by Jeff. The David rounds out the band with solid voxx and guitar playing.(playing a Daisy Rock guitar, nice effect!) Undercover Monsters is a no miss band that is fun,solid, and plays you music from the heart! I am a fan of this band and look forward to seeing them again! After their set, I was standing outside talking to David and Tonya when Manson came out and we had a convo that really tripped us out. Cant get into details, but my new name is Christopher and Davids is Howard. We used to work with Manson up in Canada making maps and we are all Motherfuckers Of Invention. Make sure you catch these bands at a venue near you or on Facebook! Like their pages!! Happy Friday the 13th...and Fuck you! Jeff Soto

Show review Friday March 2nd 2012 Webers in Reseda by Jeff Soto-Punk Motherfucker of Invention
Youth Brigade, Killroy, It's Casual, Soto St, The Dips
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