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Show review 1/7/2012 Shamrocks, Chino Hills by Jeff Soto-Punk Motherfucker of Invention
First band up was Soto St. Since I am reviewing this show, I feel it's "douche like" to review my own show so I had someone else review it and here it is....
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  The stage was set for the first band of the night and the bass drum read Soto St. The members walked on stage and without hesitation the leader singer said "We are Soto St. and this our first song." With that the in your face, high speed punk rock started. The lead singer grabbed the mic and started signing in a gritty voice that fits the music perfectly. The guitar player was energetic and bouncing around the stage while continuing to play. His head banging up and down rhythmically at time but spastic most others. The bass player was a bit calmer but when he felt the music he too would jump around the stage. The drummer was banging away on those drums and making that Soto St. logo vibrate with every kick of the bass drum. The songs were clean, the sound was loud and the lyrics were true. Soto St. played the kind of punk music I grew love when I first moved to Orange County. ~PapaKaster~
Next band after Soto St was Ready Steady Go. A 4 piece unit busting with talent. After a little lag in set up and a little amp trouble (sound guy jumped in to make it work) RSG got to work. Energy and a full punk rock sound make these guys out of Menifee one of my favorites everytime I see them. Always great and stacked with big sing along hooks. I joked with them one time saying "If you guys ever got really serious....look out!" They are going to take some time out of playing shows to work on new stuff for their next cd. Anytime you can see these guys, do it! You will not be sorry!
Right after RSG was a band called 11five50. They came out from the start with lots of intensity and played their asses off. Cant really describe the bands sound as it jumped around from punk to metal to hardcore to some rap type stuff. Have to admit that I personally didnt care for them but the crowd liked them. They were actually the only band that won the crowd over and got people off their drunk butts to come up closer. By far had the biggest draw of the night and brought it for sure.
Next up was Slow Children. Another band I didnt really care for but you cant deny their energy level and work they put into their playing. Mind you, alot of people left while they were playing. Not sure if it was it was because they didnt like them or that they came to see another band but the place emptied out pretty good. Slow Children play a lot and it will not be hard to catch them if you are a fan of the band.
Last up was Atomic Bombs. My friend Robin talked them up pretty good so I was interested to see them even though they went up late and I was tired. While I was waiting for them to load gear up on the stage I couldnt help noticing the drummers sparkling pink double bass hello kitty drum set. Figured it was a girl drummer and waitied for them to come on. Well, the drummer is not a girl and that made it even funnier. They started playing and I was like ,oh man. The crap I was hearing was a weird, all musical ,slow, non punk arrangment. Right when I was thinking "im out of here" up popped the singer and the real show started. The banter was funny and the punk rock music started flowing. They werent the tightest group but they were the most entertaining band of the night. During a song, the singer picked up the guitarist and put him on his shoulder ala Quiet riot or some shit. Then it happened, the singer dropped the guitar player on the stage and I thought the show was over. He kinda rolled around a little then got back up and the set resumed. All in all a great set by these punk rock madmen. This was the night I became a fan of Atomic Bombs and I look forward to the next time I see/play with them.
If you didnt make it out, it was your loss. Good all around show by Deeva and Batman at Shamrocks. Look out for future shows by them! Until next time......fuck you...Jeff Soto