Interview with singer Alx kerchevsky of Spittin’ Cobras and clutch Cargo

Interview by John Wisniewski

What was the first band that you were in, Alx?
I was 15 & a junior in High School. I’m not sure if I’d call it a band or a ploy by 4 horny teenagers who had similar taste in music wanting to meet girls. We had no idea what we were doing or even how to play our instruments. I was the drummer (HINT: I can’t play the drums). We were almost as terrible as our name (Addicted to X-lax).   

Do you have any favorite Punk Bands?                             

Very much so!  Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Minor Threat & AVAIL to name a few. I still love the stuff I grew up on.  I’m a huge Decendents/ALL fan & currently really into OFF!. Basically anything Kieth Morris & Bill Stevenson have ever done, I’m into it

When did you join Clutch Cargo? What was it like playing in that band? 

Oh man. Clutch Cargo started in 1993 when I was Attending College in Nacogdoches, TX.  Clutch Cargo was the band that I cut my teeth on, we’re I learned how to be a front man. How to let go. We got much better over time and I like to think we made a small dent in the Texas Punk Scene. We didn’t really come into our own until we moved to Denton, Tx in the mid 90’s. Let’s just say there were more than enough psychodelic inspiration & Im just amazed we all survived. We were young & things got wild.

Is punk still alive for you? Are there thriving punk scenes?

Most definitely!  To me Punk is a state of mind. It’s what ever you make of it. That’s the beauty of Punk. No Judgments, No limitations & No shits given. I think there will always be a thriving punk scene. It might be hundreds of kids in NYC or 3 kids in a small rural town who are into some rad music. No matter the size, or subgenera  what matters is that It’s theirs & that makes it fucking awesome.

Could you tell us about Detonator, how did the band form?

Detönator rose from the Ashes of The Spittin’ Cobras. Jules, Jake & I wanted to continue as a band together, but it didn’t feel right to Continue as The Spittin’ Cobras without Andy Selway.  It took us a few years to find someone who could fill those shoes. Andy left us with some pretty High standards. We finally met Ben after he moved here from Richmond, Va. & reached out to us. We jammed, he killed it & It’s been Detönatör ever since.


Please tell us about being in The Spittin’ Cobras. How did you meet Andy Selway?

Being in the Spittin’ Cobras was fucking Awesome. I hit many personal milestones while in that band. I met so many amazing people whom I’m lucky to call friends to this day. Y’know, it’s not so much the journey you take, but rather the people you take it with.  And, we got to do some cool shit too.

I met Andy, when Andy & Jules had some downtime from KMFDM & wanted to start a rock n’ roll band.  They were roommates with my buddy Nils. One day Nils played my old band Murdock for them & said that they should get me as their singer.  At that point the end of Murdock had left a bad taste in my mouth & I was done with being in a band. But a day later I was reading The Strangers musicians wanted page & saw an ad for a singer that just spoke to. I don’t remember what it said, but it said something about Bon Scott, Rock N Roll & no kids. So I answered it… & low & behold it was Andy & Jules. A few weeks later I saw Jake, whom I was in Murdock with, at the Turbonegro show & told him about my new project with Andy & Jules. We all jammed & The Spittin’ Cobras was born.

Thanks again John. Please let me know if you need anything else. Again, sorry for the delay. 
Stay Rad! 🤘