Interview with Graham Clise

By John Wisniewski  

1. Tell us about your latest band, Graham?
 My newest band is called Stepmother.

2. Currently you are in Stepmother also. Tell us about this. How did the band form? 
I started stepmother because I’ve always wanted to do a power trio like GFR , pink fairies or blue cheer . It’s a lot of fun because I’ve had a bunch of these ideas bouncing around my brain for ages but I’ve always been to flipped out to sing, turns out it ain’t that hard . Also it’s a lot easier to jam and do tours and gigs  as a 3 piece. 
3. What was it like being in Annihilation Time? 
I’m still in the band, we just did a few gigs out in California a couple months ago . It’s pretty rad because we’re still all pretty much the same people and when we get together it’s like no time has passed.
4. Any favorite bands? 
I dig a ton of  bands, there’s so much killer stuff at the moment. Charman kicks ass, no one talks about em because people don’t know they exist . 
They’ve been around for over 20 years. If you’ve seen them live you’d never forget it . Also AT just played with this killer new band from SF called the losers. They reminded me of Tales of Terror. 
 5. What kind of band did you want Annihilation Time to be? 
We started annihilation time as sort of a reaction towards all the generic tough guy hardcore bands going at the time in the early 2k’s, it was a dark time for punk! We were really into stuff like punk fairies and blue cheer and all the kick ass 60’s nuggets type stuff along with bands like the germs and black flag , blast, aggression and RKL .  
6. What is the punk and hardcore scene like in most states these days? 
I’ve been living in Melbourne Australia for the last 8 years so I’m pretty out of the loop as for what’s going down at the moment in the states. Tons of great punk stuff in Melbourne. I don’t really dig modern hardcore so I don’t care about paying attention to much of  that stuff. I still go to the occasional hardcore gig now and then  just to see if I’m missing out on anything worthwhile . Swab are a good hardcore band. 
7. How did Annihilation Time form?  
I saw bl’ast! When I was about 19 and got ultra inspired but the intensity of their gig. It took a couple years to get the right lineup together just started trying to rock as much as possible. We’ve all been really good friends for 20+ years 
8. Any future plans and projects, Graham?

Finishing up writing the second stepmother lp at the moment, hopefully do some international touring once that’s out. We’re on tour supporting dinosaur jr at the moment. Witch has a new album out and we’re going to tour Europe later in the year. Rot TV will hopefully record a record sometime this year . Annihilation time will likely do the random tour here and there. We’ve been tentatively discussing going Japan and Australia next year maybe some gigs in the states I dunno! and is called stepmother.

9. What has kept Annihilation Time going for so many years? 

I think the most important thing was keeping a sense of humor and never taking the band seriously helped . Endless inside jokes concocted in the van by immature morons! 
10. What was your finest moment in punk? 
For me it was when my friends older sister gave me a cassette tape when I was 11 years old . Side one was misfits walk among us and side 2 was black flag my war. I can still remember the feeling I’d get when I’d listen to it . A year later I saw decline of western civilization and it was all over !